LOVE Everybody!  The 'Jane' Collection

LOVE Everybody! The 'Jane' Collection

love everybody no exceptions aunt jane corbitt tee

Jane Corbett was the closest thing we've met to an Angel here on earth.  The kindest, gentlest, most generous soul ever.  If you were ever fortunate enough to be gifted with a 'thank you' voicemail from Jane, it would be full of 'oh baby i love you's and 'god bless you's and 'you're so amazing' and 'i just love you so much' and 'blessings sweet darlings' and phrases that from anyone else's lips would seem like platitudes, but from Jane's were the most sincere and loving blessings one could receive, and made you feel amazing about yourself for weeks.  I won't say who, but some of us saved those voicemails for as long as possible, which was usually until our phones died or were finally replaced, just to be able to refer back to them when we needed a pick me up.  Anyone who knew her, and that was most of St Louis, knew she literally LOVED EVERYBODY.  Even the ones she hadn't met.  This lady knew how to WEAR YOUR CODE.  Loving people was her code.  It was in every fiber of her being.  She exuded love.  She was love.

Jane was incredibly fond of saying 'LOVE EVERYBODY. NO EXCEPTIONS.' so when we were looking for a special love tee for our Valentine Pop-Up with the STL Women's Creative, I wanted something bigger, better, more grand, more inclusive of all the ways we could love someone, and I thought LOVE EVERYBODY.  And then Maeg said 'Like Jane- LOVE EVERYBODY, NO EXCEPTIONS' and then Miss said - and we'll call it 'the Jane' in her honor.  And the Jane Tee was born.  But then, we just loved the idea SO MUCH we couldn't keep it to just one tee, so we added a hat, and then a beanie.  

So there you have it The Jane Collection.  Don't worry it will be around for a LONG time.  LOVE EVERYBODY has legs.  It's timeless, and seasonless.  I have a feeling it's going to grow into something really big.  Because there are A LOT of people who loved Jane.  And there are just a lot of us who aspire to LOVE EVERYBODY.  In honor of Jane and her amazing work, we're going to give 20% of every Jane item sold, to her favorite charities.  So here's to Jane.  I love you baby.  God Bless You.  LOVE EVERYBODY NO EXCEPTIONS. #WearYourCode

love everybody tee

love everybody white 2 fur pompom hat black love everyone hat double pompom faux fur 

 LOVE everybody no exceptions