Our Story

We created what we couldn't find.  

In 2000, a group of women (moms, sisters, neighbors, and friends) connected over our collective passions for retail and fashion, and set off to pioneer an innovative shopping experience in our home town of St. Louis, MO. Lusso.

Our goal was simple - to curate a collection of truly special items - clothing, jewelry, gifts, home decor etc, and to only sell what we love and want to wear, gift, and have in our homes.


Corporations, sports teams and schools began contacting us to curate their retail offerings. Our formula at Lusso - ‘our code’ - was proving to be a formula for success. Industry professionals began turning to us for a new spin on their branded offerings. They were looking for elevated product, in line with their own high quality brand standard. We were looking for something brandable that we would want to wear ourselves. As the clients kept coming, we created something better. Lusso Merch.

Again - our goal was simple - make premium gear for cool brands.



Today, Lusso Merch provides a luxurious blank canvas, upon which groups can showcase their identities - 'their code'.

Our clients work with our design team to create custom and private label offerings that are truly one of a kind. Our strategic design services offer far more than just a customized t-shirt for your university or brand. We offer decades worth of expertise.



Lusso Merch is a St. Louis based, woman-owned small business. We are rooted in family and influenced by our fashion and business backgrounds. Lusso Merch owners have over 30 years in the retail and design industry.

We are St. Louis Made entrepreneurs. We live, work and design in St. Louis. We choose St. Louis businesses to finish and detail our product. We love working for St. Louis businesses and beyond.

We're going Global, from a Midwest point of view.