In search of the perfect Basic...

We've got you covered.  We are thoughtfully designing an entire line of shirts, sweats, hoodies, hats and accessories that you can wear as your favorite everyday basic.  As if that wasn't good enough, each can be customized through our strategic design services to promote something you believe in.  We create the kind of wardrobe staples you want to pull from the dryer to wear with jeans at the game or under your blazer to work.

The difference is in the process...

We start with the absolute best fabrics: specialty blends, stretch fabrics, and pure cottons - the kind of fabrics that can take a beating.  From there we transform them through our proprietary dyeing and wash processes to give them that incredibly soft handfeel and special fabric colorations that make them look and feel so special. Lastly, we adorn them with special stitching, edges and features such as covert pockets, thumbholes, and our subtle Morse Code tags.

 Not all shirts are created equal.

 red zulu raglan sweatshirt vintage 2lu

red unisex sweatshirt custom 2lu  mens red raglan sweatshirt vintage finish 2lu thumbholes  

sweatshirt with zip phone pocket 2lu red raglan sweatshirt with thumbholes 2lu zulu